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40,93 EUR*
Details Advancing-Business-Ethics-Education-Ethics-in-Practice

Advancing Business Ethics Education Features chapters written by scholars who collectively point to a roadmap for advancing business ethics education at a critical juncture in the history of corporate America. This book provides a counterbalance to ...

38,90 EUR*
Details Advancing-Womens-Careers-Research-in-Practice

Advancing Women's Careers * Takes a practical look at the impact and role of women in organizations. * Highlights the various initiatives orgainzations have implemented to support womena s careers. * Contributions come from leading scholars ...

21,95 EUR*
Details Balance-Advancing-Identity-Theory-by-Engaging-the-Black-Male-Adolescent

Balance is unique in that it approaches Black males from a well-rooted personality perspective within context, sans deficit, and utilizes discourse analysis in attempts at advancing identity theory.

33,03 EUR*
Details Advancing-Differentiation-Thinking-and-Learning-for-the-21st-Century

Advancing Differentiation A guide that offers a range of strategies to differentiate instruction and build thinking and learning skills required of students. It helps teachers: integrate resilient thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills ...

61,95 EUR*
Details Genomic-Biomarkers-for-Pharmaceutical-Development-Advancing-Personalized-Health-Care

Genomic Biomarkers for Pharmaceutical Development: Advancing Personalized Health Care provides an in-depth review of the state of translational science across all stages of pharmaceutical development with a special focus on personalized health care ...

36,04 EUR*
Details Advancing-Practical-Theology-Critical-Discipleship-for-Disturbing-Times

Advancing Practical Theology argues that the practical theology as a discipline does not at present fulfil its radical potential and addresses some directions that the discipline needs to take in order to respond adequately to changing social ...